I want to tell you a story.

A story of my existence. A story of your existence. A story of existence.
Of living. Of dying. Of being buried deep inside mother earth for many years.
Of being eaten by microorganisms. Of being consumed and devoured.

Of lying low. Waiting. And when the wait is over, The world has changed.

Fossils 4.0, is the 4th solo exhibition of my expression. Of my experience.

My art is mostly hard work. I go begging at scrap shops, in the sweltering sun, in stinking streets. I survive the pollutants, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, white noise, black noise. Becoming a part of the process. Because to truly reinvent, reincarnate, and rejuvenate life, I have to live like my muses. My muses, my beautiful muses. Come see them with my eyes.

The other half of my art, is rooted in responsibility – towards nature and what the future generations will inherit, it stems in fear – because we are indulging in rapid destruction unknowingly, it blooms into sleepless nights as if I were sleeping on a bed of nails, and bears fruit in the form that you will see – my art, my work, my expression.