A global initiative by Volkswagen, Think Blue is an eco-friendly, resource-efficient way of living. It’s about caring for and most importantly, taking action to protect the environment. Volkswagen has associated with me, an artist who creates art out of scrap. The thinking behind creating art-pieces out of scrap fits seamlessly with Volkswagen’s philosophy of creating an eco-friendly way of living. Whenever I see scrap materials, I see a soul waiting to come to life. I see science merging into art into design into spirituality. And I create. This transformation brought alive the Think Blue philosophy which believes that every single person and every single act can make a positive difference to the planet. – Volkswagen/Mudra Max
This luminous Volkswagen Beetle is made from over 2,805 pieces of scrap. The detailed replica of the classic car is made from 800 spark plugs, 200 bottle caps, 60 mother boards, and an incredible array of other commonly discarded items – including audio cassettes, typewriters, pens, and barbeque sticks.