Repercussions means consequences or impact or outcome of an action. It could mean from anything subjective to objective, from social, political to family or within oneself…from personal life to what’s happening around the world. There are lot of implications from home to community, from nature to environment, from relationships to media, from de-constructing myths/tales/legends to regions… Everything we do has a rippling effect. Even the slightest action, whether consciously or unconsciously, brings about a repercussion even though we do not realize it.

Six artists from different regions come together in an attempt put forth this thought in our very own Durbar Hall Art Centre, Kochi.

Dates: 01 – 05 October, 2016
Venue: Gallery D, Durbar Hall Art Centre, D H Road, Kochi
Gallery Hours: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm